Dear Friends of AFT,

Thank you so much for your support throughout the years.

The Manjushree Orphanage was started by Lama Thupten Phuntsok in 1998, with only 17 children and 3 teachers. After my visit to the school as a volunteer, I decided to form Architecture for Tibet and had initiated activities to build a world-class Academic Center for these amazing children of the Himalaya — on a reasonable and realistic budget. The vision was to make a school building based on traditional Tibetan architecture suitable to the Tawang district, with a bright library and a computer room, in addition to class rooms. Despite the ongoing hardships at Manjushree, the children will be able to learn in suitable classrooms, and, as a result of Lama Thupten's special touch, understand the value of compassion for others before self.

AFT will carrying out other planned programs focused on organic farming in the future.

I have eternal gratitude for all who have supported our project thus far, and we are glad that the building is finally being built. 

Thank you all again! Feel free to contact me anytime for additional information.

John Ullman